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We are a focused and experienced team consisting of complementary professional profiles. We have a strong background in managing growth in start-ups and scale-ups. Together, we have broad entrepreneurial experience with innovative companies with a positive impact on society.  

Olivier de Duve

Managing Partner and Head of Investment Services

Bruno de Radzitzky

Partner and Head of

Fund Services 

Laurent Jouret

Partner and Head of

Corporate Services

Alex Houtart

Principal, Impact Manager

Sarah Kawa


Balanced governance

The Governance of Inventures I and II has a balanced mix of stakeholders. The Board of Directors includes 3 categories of stakeholders: fund managers; Investors; and non-executive or independent Experts.


The Inventures II Investment Committee consists of high profiles from the investment and industrial world, including Charles de Liedekerke, Bruno van LierdeAnne Prignon, Xavier Péters, Pierre Battard, Olivier Coppieters.


In addition, an independent Advisory Board advises the Board of Directors, with a particular focus on questions related to impact measure and potential conflict of interests.

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