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The coronavirus has a tremendous impact on the world and some of our portfolio start-ups decided to contribute through many innovative initiatives to help society. 



Youscribe is part of EdTech France, an initiative that regoups more than 250 french EdTech companies. As of Monday, March 16th, the collective has decided to make digital resources and tools available - free of charge and without conditions - to schools, teachers, families and all learners. 



3D Side 

3D Side has kept 3D-printing ongoing to follow-up on printing jobs and ensure that urgent devices can be delivered on time for patients in need. 

Citizen Lab 

Citizen Lab’s digital platform can be used to consult citizens on their most urgent needs, to share information in real-time or to replace physical participation events. They are making themselves available to help in any way; whether by providing digital tools, offering practical guidance or sharing digital participation best practices. 

Sam Labs 

SAM Labs has set up free STEM/STEAM activities for schooling at home by transforming content previously unavailable without the use of the hardware into a free digital curriculum that can be used alongside 

their companion app. They also share tips on ways to teach STEAM remotely to student at home and resources on virtual field trips ideas. 


ShiftmeApp has decided to offer the use of its planning and personnel management tool for free to companies during the Covid-19 crisis. 


Univercells is running into the vaccine manufacturing race against covid-19. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Univercells is advancing each day towards the goal of being able to produce the future vaccines at an affordable price for all and not just the wealthiest nations.

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