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Youscribe won the 2020 Edition Trophy

Brussels, 30 Nov 2020. The 2020 edition Trophy in the digital innovation category is awarded to the YouScribe digital library. This platform provides access to thousands of books, audio books, newspapers, magazines and educational documents from a simple smartphone.

By wanting to develop further in Africa and make books more accessible there, YouScribe, thanks to partnerships with telephone operators (Orange, Maroc Telecom) in Africa, offers to subscribe to its library by SMS. This payment method is one of the keys to the success of wide distribution in these countries, for which the banking rate is low. As of October 2019, the platform already had more than 100,000 African readers. Between October 2019 and October 2020, it recorded an additional growth of 350,000 paid readers in Africa.

This solution makes it possible to compensate for the absence of traditional distribution networks in sub-Saharan Africa and the scarcity of books in certain countries. In West Africa there is, on average, one library for 1,350,000 people. In addition, with streaming, without downloading possible, it guarantees publishers against the harmful effects of piracy.

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