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Successful Friendly Takeover Bid Initiated by OncoDNA on IntegraGen’shares

Dernière mise à jour : 19 nov. 2020

Gosselies, Nov 17, 2020. OncoDNA SA has become the first shareholder of Integragen SA (PARIS: ALINT), holding 63.71% of the existing shares, as a result of purchases of shares on the Euronext Growth Market. Following the announcement of the final results made by the French financial markets authority (the “AMF”), OncoDNA SA is very pleased to announce the success of its friendly takeover bid launched on IntegraGen outstanding shares, at the end of the reopening period.

This transaction would bring together OncoDNA’s expertise in oncology precision medicine and IntegraGen’s know-how in DNA sequencing services and bioinformatics analyses. The combination of both companies would enable to offer a complete solution that combines most advanced   oncology laboratory testing and software solutions which will benefit the treatment of patients with advanced cancer.


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