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Inventures is a proud member of Solar Impulse Foundation

By being a member of Solar Impulse Foundation, Inventures strives to play a role in bridging the gap between ecology and economy. The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is an initiative created by the Solar Impulse Foundation, following the success of the first solar flight around the world. Created on November 2016, it brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies in order to create synergies that will ultimately speed­up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions that have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today. Through the World Alliance, the Solar Impulse Foundation has launched the second phase of its action: selecting #1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way, and bring them to decision makers to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies. The #1000solutions Portfolio will be announced during the COP24 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Poland on Dec 2018. Bertrand Piccard, the President of the World Alliance, will then go around the world to deliver those same solutions, presented in the form of a Portfolio, to relevant governments, corporations and institutions to help them achieve their environmental targets and adopt more energy ambitious policies.


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