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Inventures II SDG Growth announced a closing of €5M in June 2018

The new fund Inventures II SDG Growth announces a closing of €5M in June 2018, having a target of €50M to help start-ups and scale-ups in Europe grow.

The fund received support mainly from private investors and a few institutional businesses like Meusinvest and Sambrinvest. For the new fund Inventures Investment Partners already raised €24.7M, aiming for a total fund of €50M. It sounds promising they already raised most of the fund, based on the results of Inventures I. Inventures I holds a €15M fund and currently holds 13 companies focusing on societal goals including: health, education, environment, economic growth and social progress. The Inventures II SDG Growth enables Inventures Investment Partners to expand investments in smart and innovative European SMEs answering at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inventures empowers citizenship co-investments through a crowdfunding platform.

At Inventures Investment Partners, they strive to build a more responsible finance by selecting sustainable projects and creating strong financial and social measurable returns.


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