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Auctelia acquired by Agorastore

At Inventures, we are thrilled to announce that our portfolio company Auctelia (Inventures I) has been acquired by the french company Agorastore. By joining the Agorastore family, Auctelia will benefit from Agorastore's leader position in France and expertise to accelerate its growth ambitions. Agorastore is a digital auction platform for public authorities and companies. It offers solutions to enhance and give a second life to their capital goods and real estate assets. With nearly 2,500 seller clients (including more than 2,000 public entities) and nearly 250,000 buyers, Agorastore is a socially committed player that actively contributes to the development of reuse and the circular economy, to the transparency and security of procedures, and to economic and financial efficiency.

Since 2009, Auctelia has built up the loyalty of nearly 1000 customers (private companies and public entities) wishing to resell their used equipment and vehicles to professionals and individuals via an online auction system. Offering a complete service covering the entire transaction cycle, from posting to inventory, payment and invoice, the company has experienced steady growth with its Walloon and Flemish customers. Auctelia's growth has been supported by several venture capitalists including our fund Inventures and Internet Attitude. As early investor, Olivier de Duve, Managing Partner of Inventures, is very pleased with the next chapter Auctelia will write together with Agorastore. "It has been a pleasure to work with Auctelia's team and see the company grow to over 1000 customers today. We have been impressed by Auctelia's achievements throughout the years. We want to thank everyone for the fantastic journey we had together and for helping Auctelia to reach its unique positioning. We wish Auctelia and Agorastore team the very best in stepping up their growth ambitions."

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