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Be the next company to be funded

Go through our checklist and find out if you are eligible for financing:

☑ My company is in Seed, Series A or Series B phase

☑ I’m looking for a total capital increase of min. €250,000 and max. €20,000,000

☑ My company is incorporated in Europe

☑ Commercial traction has been proven

☑ My company is tackling one of the SDGs with measurable impact (see below)

☑ My company will look for a co-investment from a crowdfunding platform

☑ Minority shares with active shareholder management: Inventures has a board seat  and participates in its acceleration.

Sustainable Development Goals

Companies must contribute in a positive and measurable manner to the attainment of the SDGs:

identify at least one relevant SDG target and subtarget (see SDG Tool)

incorporate said SDG and target in the articles of association of the firm, which can be easily done at the time of capital increase

determine key performance indicators for impact and report progress at least annually post-investment

incorporate sustainability and best corporate practices across the firm’s activities.

Investment process
Investment process.jpg
Why apply to Inventures ?

Our fund has the ability to share its strong expertise and large network with the companies matching the requirements. By joining our ranks, you will be able to receive the energy to reach your goals, the funds to develop your company and formalize and professionalize your impact strategy. We truly believe that supporting entrepreneurs and sharing their success is key to a better and brighter future. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to become part of an inspiring adventure!

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