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Story and figures

The fund Inventures was founded in 2011 by Olivier de Duve, who worked in venture capital in Europe and the US. He was working and living abroad and became concerned with youth employment, especially when considering his children’s future. For the next generation to have good jobs in Europe, investment in small companies is crucial. Together with several friends and former colleagues, he founded Inventures and Spreds to tackle this problem.

Inventures I is a €15 Million fund that focuses on seed, early stage and growth businesses, and has selected 15 companies for investment. Active since 2012, the fund invested in businesses that focused on societal goals including: health, education, environment, well being. The fund is dedicated to early-stage businesses (40%) and growth-stage businesses (60%). The current portfolio is composed of 13 companies.

Investment Strategy

Inventures I was designed to improve our world by enabling great entrepreneurs. As a result, the fund focuses on solutions, products or services, that contribute to solving societal problems. Specifically in the following industries: health, education, environment, society, environment and economy.

Co-financing with the crowd – The innovative feature of Inventures was that it includes citizens in a multi-stakeholder partnership, through the crowdfunding platform Spreds. The crowd reinforced the selection of companies, and increased the chances of success by creating a large community of ambassadors sharing the same values while also following and promoting the business’ progress.


We have outlined the following aspects of each industry that are of interest to us:

Environment and conservation
  • Reduce energy consumption, and promote green energy production.

  • Enable and spread access to vital resources.

  • Promote green and efficient means of transportation.

  • A healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly diet.

  • Reducing widespread physical and mental health problems like obesity, anorexia, depression.

  • Enable and grant access to specialised treatment for a larger public.

  • Enable and grant access to smart education.

  • Promote access to communication technologies such as internet and mobile phones.

  • Enable and support minority integration.

  • Help the well-being of families.

  • Promote access for all to transparent financial services.

  • Support a stronger economy and reduce unemployment.

  • Promote the businesses of micro-entrepreneurs.


2houses is an online platform offering practical tools, content and advice for separated parents.

Acar’Up developed a new method to eradicate house dust mites, a product which attracts mites and a technical textile which traps the allergenic dust mites.

AproPLAN is construction management software that lets you keep track of your progress & collaborate with your team. Get work done in the office and on-site.

Auctelia is an efficient way to buy and sell used machines and industrial equipment (timber, metal, etc) online through auctions and direct sales.

Domobios is specialized in the research and development of sustainable and non-toxic products that eliminate household pests such as mites, bedbugs, lice, fleas, and cockroaches.

Domoscio creates adaptive e-learning for better learning and retention by linking cognitive science, big data and artificial intelligence together.

Auctelia is an efficient way to buy and sell used machines and industrial equipment (timber, metal, etc) online through auctions and direct sales.

OncoDNA is a medical diagnosis company with experience in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in oncology.

Opinum ias an energy monitoring platform for buildings.

Santech specialises in the development and commercialisation in B2B2C sector of a customisable medical platform, specialised in prevention and support.

Social Stock Exchange is a fully regulated market place designed to improve access to capital for social impact businesses by connecting them with impact investors.

YouScribe is an online platform for selling digital books.

Zen Car is a Belgian car sharing service of 100% electric vehicle fleet with dedicated charging stations.

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